"The Moon was full, and the sky was clear. It was 9 o’clock in the evening, and four friends and I were returning from a house near Paris.  The saffron-colored ball in the sky made us tarry on the way and set us to thinking.  Staring up at this great orb, one of us took it for a window in Heaven through which we could see the glory of the blessed.  Another protested that it was the stand on which Diana laid out Apollo’s wide, falling collars.  Another exclaimed that it might be the Sun itself, which had removed its radiance for the night and was watching through a peep-hole to see what people were doing when he was no longer around And I,” I replied, “would like to join your fanciful musings.  But I will not limit myself to the pointed images that you use to tickle time and make it go faster.  I think the Moon is a world like this one, and the Earth is its moon.”  The Other World, Societies, and Governments of the Moon, Cyrano de Bergerac, circa 1650.


Fully understanding what respondents feel and say is critical for us, that is why we constantly keep in mind that the same topic can be approached from different angles and ways to discuss it can vary from raw, metaphoric, poetic or sometimes silent.  


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